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Open Hearted – Feature Documentary

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A not-so-normal family deals with a not-so-normal heart.     Watch or Buy it on AMAZON. 

This feature documentary follows the filmmaker through the most harrowing ordeal of his life: preparing for, undergoing and recovering from his third open-heart surgery at the ripe age of 27.

And not only does Marc have to come to terms with his own mortality, he also has to deal with anxious divorced parents who haven’t seen each other in years. Making this film almost killed the guy.

53 minutes, 2002


Full Frame International Doc Film Festival
International Documentary Association’s “Doctober” showcase
Ojai Film Festival


Fanlight Productions


Produced, Directed and Edited by Marc Ostrick

Photographed by Adam Boucher

Associate Producers: Adam Boucher & Rita Stern

Additional Cameras: Ezra Soiferman, Felix Pire, Aidan McGlaze, Amelia McPartlon, Ben Boodman

Music by: Gregg Fine & Michael L’Acqua

Associate Editor: Felix Pire

Post-Production Assistant: Justina Grorich

Sound Mix: Michael Geisler, BadaBing! BadaBoom! Productions

Animation by David Criley

Heart Sounds Recorded by: Dr. Michael Criley

Cover art by Bernard Chang


Michele Ostrick
Gil Ostrick
Rosaleen Ostrick
Dr. Hillel Laks
Dr. Welton Gersony
Dr. Denton Cooley
Dr. Joseph Perloff
Pam Miner, RN
Jeff Gross, Medtronic
Dr. Cahill
Keith Miller
Adam Ross
Roz Frankel
And yours truly, Marc Ostrick


25,000 people are born annually in the United States with congenital heart defects. Every year, 5,600 people, mostly infants, die from congenital heart complications. Only in the past 30 years, since the mid-seventies, has open-heart surgery been a viable and widely accessible option for people with congenital defects. Even today, it is a procedure which, though frequently performed, requires the highest levels of training and performance.

The human heart has been known to pump for a hundred years without failure, resting less than a second between contractions. It is a miracle of evolution, an emblem of endurance and a symbol of potency. The heart pumps life through our bodies and feeds fuels to our minds. Too bad mine was busted.

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