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Marc Ostrick’s Bio

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16_02_05_RADLEY Headshots5133Marc has been working in the entertainment industry as an award-winning and Emmy nominated content creator, entertainment executive and emerging media specialist since graduating NYU Tisch School of the Arts in 1995.

Marc most recently directed and c0-executive produced Deadly Sharks of Paradise and co-executive produced Monsters of the Bermuda Triangle –  two Shark Week specials that aired in the summer 2023 on Discovery and MAX streaming app.  Other Shark Week episodes that Marc produced and/or directed include: Return To Shark Vortex (2021), Tiger Shark Invasion (2018), Lair of the Sawfish (2018), Shark Vortex (2016) and Deadliest Shark (2016).

Currently in production is the award-winning, feature-length documentary film series, StrippedStripped: Nashville was released in 2024. Both Stripped: Las Vegas (2021) and Stripped: Los Angeles (2020) are on Starz TV and the most viewed documentaries on the network. It is also available on Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Tubi, Vudu, Apple+ and all other major streaming platforms.

In the fall of 2022, Ostrick also  completed producing, directing and writing a multi-platform kids cooking series sponsored by GE Appliances called Kid Chef Bakes for Callisto Media.  The series is hosted by celebrity chef, Rocco DiSpirito.

From 2018 to March 2020 Marc worked with U.S. State Department out of Delhi, India along with The My Hero Project and Video Volunteers as a lead trainer for an 18 month social activism documentary workshop program called ChangeChitra.   These acclaimed films were part of an international film festival and screenings across India, the United States and beyond.

Marc also recently created the multi-platform video campaigns for currently running IMAX film, Dream Big! – a large-screen experience from MacGillivray Freeman Films to inspire the next generation of STEM leaders.  It was the largest grossing large screen film of 2018 and every public-school (over 89,000 copies) will have a DVD of the film and educational videos through the US Education Department and American Society of Civil Engineers.

Marc also worked with National Geographic Wild and Radley Studios, producing and co-directing Mega Hammerheads, a TV special for Nat Geo Wild”s Sharkfest.

2015 – 2016 was busy – he produced and co-created Famous In… – a TV pilot for Travel Channel, was the showrunner for the interactive TV series Roku Recommends and oversaw media production for Fabien Cousteau’s Mission 31 project.

Fabien’s key mission is to bridge the human-ocean connection through educational outreach, scientific research, and multi-purpose filmmaking. Worldwide media coverage and online video campaign shined a spotlight on the need for more ocean research and exploration. Branded video content for Mission 31 sponsors at Nokia/Microsoft, Lockheed Martin, Doxa Watches and Backscatter was also created. A documentary film and traveling exhibit are being produced for release in 2015.

From 2013 – 2014, Ostrick Productions was contracted to oversee the digital and interactive media being developed for ONE Laguna, a division of Firebrand Media, LLC. One Laguna is an innovative, immersive, and entertaining experience that melds state-of-the-future technology, a prime brick-and-mortar location in downtown Laguna, and robust content to give visitors and locals a place to discover everything the world-class seaside city of Laguna Beach has to offer.

Before launching One Laguna, Marc completed his role as Director of Digital Production for the legacy IMAX production company, MacGillivray Freeman Films, and their award-winning One World One Ocean media campaign. Ostrick launched the company”s digital media dept, where he oversaw a team of seven, including producers, editors and designers who create original multi-platform content. Marc also helps set the vision and strategy of the dept., secures strategic partnerships and produces and directs content that extends the themes and universe of MacGillivray Freeman”s large format (15/70mm) films that play in IMAX theaters around the world.

In addition to writing, producing, directing and editing professional video programming for multiple platforms, Ostrick is also the CEO & Co-Founder of eGuiders.com – a website that uses a remarkable collection of media experts to curate the best videos on the Internet. Marc set company strategy, budgets and vision as well as formed partnerships with Tribune Media Services, Boxee.tv, YouTube, Sony”s Crackle.com, Atom.com and other organizations. In addition, Marc hired and oversaw web design, editorial, PR and marketing teams. Since its launch in February 2009, eGuiders has received national recognition as a leader for discovering quality entertainment that exists online. USA Today says “eGuiders cuts through clutter of a gazillion online videos. Their ‘human voice’ leads the way to worthwhile videos.”

In April of 2010, Marc launched the eGuiders Live HD Studio, the original programming component to eGuiders.com. The studio currently has three series in production (THE B SIDE, EGUIDERS LIVE, THE UNTITLED SERIES). The studio creates niche content that focuses on the converging worlds of tech, emerging media and the arts. Sponsorships from Telestream”s Wirecast, Bit Gravity, Livestream & Blue Microphones were secured. Marc also works with outside companies to help create micro-studios and live video programming for their brands in order to build community participation and revenue opportunities.

Prior to launching the eGuiders Studio, Marc co-created, produced and directed THE SPARK SERIES, a four part documentary web series. Spark was shot using HD consumer video equipment to demonstrate the application of emerging tech tools that are empowering the creative process of communication. The series presents conversations with filmmakers, technologists and other thought leaders about the rapid shift in the media landscape. The four episodes are: GOING LIVE 1.0, OPEN, NOT ANOTHER TWITTER CONFERENCE and THE NEW DIAL TONE.

Ostrick Productions also created Fox’s Lie To Me Season 2 DVD. Marc produced and directed DR. EKMAN/DR. LIGHTMAN, a documentary that examines the life of Dr. Paul Ekman – accomplished psychologist, scientist and inspiration for the lead character, Dr. Cal Lightman, played by Tim Roth.

In January of 2010, Lord Of The Rings Executive Producer, Mark Ordesky, hired Ostrick Productions to create a personal documentary about local golf legend, Ed Coleman. Ed has been a PGA golf instructor at L.A.’s Rancho golf course for over sixty years, stormed Omaha Beach on D-Day and is a die-hard tap dancing aficionado. A CHARMED LIFE? THE ED COLEMAN STORY, captures Ed doing what Ed does best – swinging it.

Just before the 2008 presidential election, Marc produced and directed segments for the historic BARACK OBAMA SPECIAL. This thirty- minute program aired on CBS, NBC, FOX and other networks a week prior to the election. Marc followed Juanita & Larry Stuart in Ohio and Mark Dowell”s Family in Louisville, KY.

In April of 2008, Ostrick was contracted to create FRANKENHEIMER IN FOCUS – a documentary on iconic filmmaker John Frankenheimer (Ronin, The Manchurian Candidate) for Fox’s French Connection 2 Blu-Ray DVD.

Earlier in 2008 Marc produced, directed and edited the series pilot for the Hallmark Channel: HALLMARK ACROSS AMERICA. It is a documentary featuring quirky U.S. festivals and events.

In Septeber of 2007, Marc completed work on HBO’s JOHN FROM CINCINNATI (JFC) as the executive producer/director for the show’s New Media department. Marc collaborated closely with show creator David Milch (NYPD Blue, Deadwood) and HBO to collaborate on expanding the JFC universe onto the Internet. Working closely with Milch and the cast, Marc was able to create original content featured on the TV series (opening credits, footage for character story arcs, etc.) as well as produce groundbreaking interactive websites using season regulars. Visit our JFC transmedia archive to experience the full scope of the project.

Previous to working on JFC, Marc served as Executive Producer of the newly formed DVD/New Media division for STUN CREATIVE, a L.A. based productions and advertising agency. Marc secured and produced and titles for the company. Clients included Freemantle Entertainment, New Line Cinema, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and Warner Brothers.

Marc spent the years 2003 – 2005 working with SPARKHILL PRODUCTIONS , directing, producing and editing DVD documentaries as well as web and mobile phone content for various studio titles. 24: Conspiracy was the first original mobile series created as a spin-off of the hit TV show 24 and was nominated for an Emmy. Marc has also produced and directed the award-winning and critically acclaimed documentaries and supplemental material for seasons 2 – 5 of 24 and THE SHIELD. Other notable studio DVD titles include the HAROLD LLOYD COLLECTION, SCHOOL OF ROCK, THE COMMITMENTS and DAREDEVIL among others.

Marc’s second feature documentary, OPEN HEARTED (2003), follows the filmmaker through his harrowing journey of preparing for, undergoing and recovering from his third open-heart surgery. The film is currently being broadcast in Europe and Israel and has been showcased at a half dozen international film festivals. OPEN HEARTED is currently being distributed through Fanlight Productions.

Prior to producing works with Sparkhill, Marc created programming with David Milch”s Red Board Productions. Marc’s endeavors for the company included producing and directing the award-winning feature length documentary, WITHOUT A NET — CREATING NYPD BLUE (2001), a provocative portrait of the creative process of David Milch. Marc also created for Red Board a five part lecture series entitled THE WRITER”S SPIRIT: An Approach to Storytelling (2002).

During the Web 1.0 revolution, Marc was one of the first filmmakers to be commissioned by the digital entertainment world to create original video content. In 1999 -2000, Ostrick Productions crafted two series for the web site EVEO.COM . STUDIO VISIT, which documents the creative process of young visual artists in New York. LOCKOUT follows new bands from their rehearsal sessions to aggressive live performance. One of the bands featured in the Lockout Series, LINKIN PARK, went on to release a multi-platinum debut album and become one of the biggest bands in the world.

Marc won 2 Gold Cindy Awards at the International Cinema in Industry Conference for writing, producing, and directing a twenty-eight part, international environmental documentary series, PRESERVING THE LEGACY (1997–1999). The episodes, funded by the National Science Foundation, feature the most prestigious names in the environmental field and examine such issues as air pollution in China, over-population, nuclear waste, and fuel cell technology among others. PRESERVING THE LEGACY continues to air on local and international PBS affiliates.

A graduate of New York University”s film program, Marc co-wrote/produced/directed a 16mm narrative thesis film, PRESSURE DROP (1994) with Ezra Soiferman. The 18-minute comedy was completed with a production grant from Warner Bros. Pictures, and went on to play at over 20 film festivals worldwide and win several short film awards, including a Silver Medal at the Chicago Intl Film Festival, an Honorable Mention at the Columbus Film Festival, and a Short Film Award at the New Orleans Film Festival. Subsequently, the film completed a tour of twenty U.S. cities opening for the feature film WEED. The web site for the film,www.pressuredrop.com, has drawn worldwide and constant traffic since launching in 1995.

Marc grew up in New York but spent his formative years in North Miami Beach where he attended the prestigious New World School of the Arts High School, majoring in theater and writing. He is a member of the PGA and IDA.

Marc currently resides in Laguna Beach with his wonderful wife and daughter.

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