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Breaking 315: The Shield, Season 3 – Feature Documentary

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“The major gem of this collection is Breaking 315, an 80-minute documentary that offers a complete overview of the creation of the season finale On Tilt. This documentary stands as one of the great extra features I've ever witnessed in the DVD medium.” – Digitally Obsessed, Dan Heaton

“The high point is the “Breaking 315″ making-of documentary. This 90-minute feature is the most exhaustive, interesting, comprehensive look into television development I've ever seen… This is a sterling, substantial bonus feature, and the gold standard for making-of documentaries.” – DVD VERDICT.COM, David Johnson

“Breaking Episode 315 – An excellent documentary that is well put together and a fine tribute to the show, it makes far more interesting viewing than solitary interviews or short specific featurettes could ever do.” – DVD TIMES.COM, Dave Foster

“Ohhhhhh Marc, you've outdone yourself this time! Marc Ostrick produced the incredible season 2 documentary for 24, and the shorter piece, “Wrap Day,” for The Shield season 2 set. This is a fascinating look at the final episode, from the writers pitching ideas, to the finished scene. This is something that people will talk about for a long time, just like the 24 documentary.” – TV ON DVD.COM, Gord Lacey

“Breaking Episode 315 is a huge feature on the season’s final episode. This thing clocks in at almost an hour and a half. Every aspect of the production of this episode is covered in incredible detail. You’ll spend quality time with the writers, director, and actors. This is a top notch feature”. – Upcoming Discs.com, Gino Sassani

“This latest socko season packs in eight meaty commentaries, 38 deleted scenes and an engagingly eccentric 80-minute backstage portrait of the season finale. Directed by Marc Ostrick, who's done great work on “24” DVDs, the documentary eavesdrops on everything from writers' meetings hashing out story twists, to pre-production (casting OutKast's Andre 3000), on-set woes (an uncooperative wolf- dog) and post-production (cutting scenes in editing). Ostrick even interviews the “background artists” providing sidewalk traffic. And he keeps the pace lively with a music score and fast-motion montages from cameras mounted on director's monitors and mike booms. It's an eye-opening peek at the “desperate creativity” that makes this low- budget show such an adult breakthrough. ” Newsday, Diane Werts

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