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Without A Net: Creating NYPD Blue – Documentary

This 66-minute documentary is more like a feature in that it has a dramatic arc, fly-on-the-wall access to one of America’s favorite TV shows, and an unforgettable lead character… It draws an unforgettable portrait of a man who makes fictional madmen look tame.” — Houston Press

Jump down the rabbit hole into the unprecedented wonderland of David Milch’s last season on NYPD Blue, the award-winning television show he co-created, wrote and produced for seven seasons.

As physical and creative exhaustion set in, and the lead time between shooting and air dates evaporate, Milch wrestles with his muse to write episodes as they’re being shot. This struggle forces the cast and crew to add a spontaneous flexibility to the already rigorous demands of production; in a process described as “getting Milched”.

David expects guest actors and series regulars alike to embrace everything from last minute line changes to reworking a whole scene. But his expectations of the cast and crew do not exceed the expectations he has of himself– to deliver the best work possible every time out. David Milch creates and runs his show with a jazz-like improvisational flair, in which everybody involved brings all they have to the play of the process.


Platinum Award for Best Documentary, Houston International Film Festival, 2001.


Rita Stern – Producer
Marc Ostrick – Director/Camera/Editor
Felix Pire — Associate Editor
Danny Mordujovich — Music Composer
Aidan McGlaze — Post Production Assistant


Steven Bochco
David Milch
Cast & Crew of NYPD BLUE

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