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John From Cincinnati – TV Series


Super 8mm documentary footage of locals and iconic imagery from Imperial Beach and Tijuana are integrated into the opening credits sequence of the show and also used as elements in the online experience.

Check out the JFC Experience site for all the videos, web extensions and press reviews.


To fulfill David Milch’s vision for the new HBO series John From Cincinnati, New Media Programming was committed to the development and production of compelling new media content for exhibition within the world of the TV show and on alternative platforms – broadband, wireless, and other developing technologies.

Recognizing that these alternative platforms are becoming themselves a legitimate source of entertainment, new media content provided JFC audiences with additional storylines and opportunities to deepen their emotional connection to the show by providing a space for a richer, more interactive and extended experience.

The JFC New Media Dept was committed to transcending the traditional marketing model that viewed new media content as a separate promotional vehicle for traditional media. Instead, the JFC New Media Dept worked to seamlessly extend the aesthetics and the emotionally fulfilling storytelling elements that were integral to the show to expand the John from Cincinnati universe to these alternative platforms. Ultimately, creating an exhilarating and unified experience for the show organically weaved into it merchandizing, marketing and promotional value.

Thanks to David Milch, HBO, and the cast and crew for the opportunity to be the first embedded New Media Dept for a TV series from pre production through post.

To learn more about John From Cincinnati, including information about characters, setting and plot, please visit the Wikipedia page.

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