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Lockout: Linkin Park – Online Video Series

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Music, dreams, fame, and conflict are just some of the ingredients in this original web series. Unlike most music based reality programs that focus on already established artists or prefabricated bands, LOCKOUT goes straight for the jugular to bring audiences a true, down and dirty look at how emerging bands struggle to break through to the big time.

One band featured in LOCKOUT was Hybrid Theory. They were taped rehearsing material for their first album. Before releasing their debut effort, the band changed their name to Linkin Park and the rest is history.

LOCKOUT is not only a show about making it in the music business, it’s a unique opportunity that captures the raw experience of living with passion. Viewers will see young artists giving everything they have as they make music and try to have their songs heard around the world. Lockout will inspire, provoke and definitely rock.

This internet series originally created for Eveo.com in 1999.


Linkin Park, Rock / Hip Hop Fusion
Slye, Alternative Rock
Brad & Damon, Musicians & Roommates
DJ Joe of Linkin Park
Switchblade Kittens, Girl Pop Punk
Sean & Jeremie, Musical
Nathan Bush, Blues
Gregg Fine, Electronica
Mr. Blue, VP Warner Bros. Records A&R
Sandy Mist, Professional Shower Singer

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